CLS 1-84
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Composite Fabric CLS 1-84

Sold by: Cotton Linen Soft - Fabrics Production & Wholesale
SKU: CLS 1-84
  • Width in cm. : 153
  • Color : White
  • Count of Yarn (Warp) : 50*1 cotton
  • Count of Yarn (Weft) : K180*1 linen
  • Density (warp) : 374
  • Density (weft) : 132
  • Weight of 1 m2 in Grms : 405
  • Composition : Linen 56% – Cotton 44%

Sold by: Cotton Linen Soft - Fabrics Production & Wholesale
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Product Description

Composite Fabric  CLS 1-84

Composite fabric made from 100% natural raw materials of Cotton Soft. Made of natural fiber produced from cotton and flax. Composite fabrics are an ideal solution for the production of high quality clothing as they combine the properties of cotton and linen. Its composition allows the cotton fabric to absorb and release moisture while maintaining a light, refreshing sensation featuring linen. Composite fabrics become an ideal choice for all seasons as well as retain the characteristics of flax and cotton. Composite fabrics also feature extremely resilient fiber and soft texture while can be easily ironed.

Sale: wholesale

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Additional Information

Width in cm.




Count of Yarn (Warp)

50*1 cotton

Count of Yarn (Weft)

K180*1 linen

Density (warp)


Density (weft)


Weight of 1 m2 in Grms



Linen 56% – Cotton 44%


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